"There is absolutely no question that your "Automatic Pill Dispenser - Medication Dispenser" is a truly wonderful device. My wife has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. As the result of her cognitive impairment it became impossible for her to handle her own medications. This device has been an absolute blessing. We have been using it for about 15-months. Prior to getting it we made trips to the ER a least every other month because she would run out of pain medication before the end of the thirty (30) day prescription period. Cost for our co-pay was $50 for each trip. Since we started using the device we have not been to the ER. Simply stated, the machine has easily paid for itself by avoiding these co-pays. I'm amazed that you have not marketed the product better. I only found it by doing a search on the Internet.

Again, thanks for carrying such a wonderful product.


James Rocklin, CA"