Rhonda Willingham, SVP Sales & Marketing, Presents at Qualcomm Life’s Connect 2015

Rhonda Willingham, SVP Sales & Marketing at VRI, presented Qualcomm Life’s Connect 2015 annual event in San Diego.  During “The Best is Yet to Come”, Rhonda shared the success of remote patient monitoring programs for some of VRI’s customers.  Rhonda’s presentation focused on VRI client solutions and evolving remote monitoring technologies that make an impact on the health and lives of clients by allowing them to be safe and live well at home. 

During the session, Rhonda reviewed a 12 month study that had been requested by a managed Medicaid plan partner with nearly 400 members living with heart failure, diabetes, hypertension and/or COPD.  The study utilized home devices that captured blood pressure, glucose, pulse/oxygen levels and weight with monitoring of vital signs and nurse verification and triage of alerts.  The study found a 55% decrease in emergency room visits and a 58% reduction of all cause of hospital readmissions. 

In another study of 300 uncontrolled Medicaid members with approximately 50% of the group between the ages of 6 – 9 years old and all with high-risk asthma, VRI conducted an inhaler compliance pilot for six months.  In this study, controllers and rescue inhalers were equipped with metered dose sensors and VRI provided 24/7 validation and triage of alerts.  VRI reported a 69% improvement in rescue inhaler usage by day 90 of the study indicating better control of asthma and improved quality of life.

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